We have been online sellers since 2001. In 2011 we opened our brick and mortar store in Shelby Township, Michigan. We strive to provide popular high quality products at low prices all with superb costumer service.

BYOB (Bring Your Old Books) has a customer base as diverse as the products we sell. We surely appeciate each and every one of them!

Our brick and mortar store has a large comic book section. We sell the popular new releases, graphic novels, collectible comics, graded comics and comic related toys, shirts and other great items.

We also have 1,000s of used hardcover and paperback books available in all genres. We have a growing section of vintage and collectible books. Romance, mystery, sci-fi and horror are our most popular selling fiction books. History and spiritual titles are some of our popuar non-fiction books.

Vinyl records have made a comeback and here at BYOB we have a great record section. Our most popular genre is rock, however we have country, classical, soul and lots more to choose from.

Our gift and new age section stocks high quality candles, incense, jewelry, tarot cards and much more. Many of these items can be purchased from our BYOB website (bringyourold.books.com). We ship daily and keep shipping costs as low as possible.

If you ever find yourself in Shelby Township Michigan, please stop in at our friendly store and say hello. We would also love to hear from you via e-mail as well.

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